• Culture

    The Muslim art of deception: Taqiyyah

    Have you ever noticed that when Muslims arrive in a new location – either a new country or a new town – at first they seem to be very friendly? It seems that they just know the right words to say to please you. Apart from their skin colour and religion, you might even think that they are not different whatsoever. If that is the case, then you have experienced something that is called “Kitman”. Kitman is the act of disambiguation of one’s thoughts and beliefs using the methods of silence and omission. This practice is used in the face of disapproval and potential problems that might arise if that…

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  • Culture

    WWE has sold out the Western values

    A couple of days ago one of the most well-known pro wrestling companies in the world, the World Wrestling Entertainment (colloquially known as the WWE), organised a special type of a Pay Per View (PPV) event, called the Greatest Royal Rumble in history. However, it was not just another yet PPV event that occurs monthly. The most important difference between this Greatest Royal Rumble event and other PPV events was that this event was not planned to occur at all. It was requested by the authorities of Saudi Arabia and, presumably, paid a lot of money for it. Knowing WWE, and that is is a business, they were quite agreeable…

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  • US Politics

    Trump bans trans people from Military. NOT.

    On Friday the White House announced that new limitations for transgender people to serve in the U. S. military shall be imposed. The Democrats and the media made an assumption that this means that the days of transgender people serving in the military are over, explaining how horrible and discriminatory this new proposal is. Before jumping to conclusions, it would be better to analyse that exactly had been said by the president/the White House and not the interpretations of their words.

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  • International Relations,  UK Politics

    The contours of Post-Brexit Britain can finally be seen

    We can finally see some outline of what we can expect after the UK leaves the European Union. After months and months of waiting, deliberation and negotiation some points seem to have been agreed by the EU representative Jean Claude Juncker and Theresa May. This seems to have calmed down the businesses and financial markets due to increased predictability, but the British people – especially hard Brexiteers – will definitely have some expostulation. Arguably one of the most bitter blow to the hard Brexiteers is that the UK had agreed to continue its commitment that was made for 2014-2020 EU budget. Britain will have to continue to pay for the…

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  • International Relations

    Skripal’s poisoning: Russian response did not take long

    No one was surprised when the Russian government announced that, in retaliation of Britain expulsing 23 Russian diplomats from the country, it will expulse the same number of British diplomats as well. I have to admit that we have to give it to Russian government representatives: their act on “feeling insulted” that United Kingdom would do such a thing and throw out innocent *sigh* Russian diplomats based on “groundless accusations against Russian Federation” is indeed commendable. They are not stupid; they know perfectly that the poisoning attempt was indeed ordered by Russian highest officials. Being able to still act in spite of knowing clearly that their position is fake takes…

  • UK Politics

    Our Lovely Government has the Answer to the Housing Crisis

    An unspeakable evil had occurred: government’s money that were dedicated to be spent, weren’t. This, naturally, caused an outcry as “£817 million had gone unspent in social housing budget.” I mean, how could have it happened that not all government’s money were spent invested! (Because, of course, these days spending is definitely synonymous with investing, especially when talking about the government’s check). This is incomprehensible. Luckily for us, our MPs will stand up for the justice. They have requested the explanation from the ministers about how such an unforgivable sin could have happened. Money not being spent and – *gasp* – returned to budget is somehow… wrong. And unnatural.

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  • International Relations

    Sergei Skripal: Britain Stood its ground

    United Kingdom showed once more that in the international relations it is one of the most pragmatic and realistic countries. At least when the Conservatives are in government. On March 4 former spy Sergei Skripal – who is a former Russian Spy and became a double agent in 1995 by giving away over 300 Russian spies in Britain, so Russia definitely did not had a lot of love for him – and his daughter were found slumped on the bench. After the diagnosis, Britain’s Prime Minister publicly acknowledged that Russian-made nerve-agent, Novichok, was found inside Skripal’s and his daughter’s bodies.